From the legacies of Arabian beauty and legends of “A Thousand Nights and One Night”…

Comes fashion’s finest collection of modern Arabian style Jilbabs… A breeze from the East…making the eyes wander in the seas of feminine elegance.


For 20 years now,

Wahat Aljalabiya has presented a wide selection of taste and innovation in jilbab (jalabiya) fashion styles.


With 79 branches in the Middle East, we’ve sold over 10 million jilbabs in our history of service to the fashion industry. Our jilbabs meet all tastes and ages in addition to being appropriate for all occasions. Pride comes from knowing our quality jilbabs are made from the best materials in the world, and designed by the fine taste and experience of professional fashion designers from the world.


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Elegant Jilbabs:


Be the pearl of the night that is lit by your presence with our Elegant Jilbab Collection.


Reception Jilbabs:


Indulge your taste with eye catching Reception Jilbabs that radiate with lines and designs of imaginative colors that create a magical impression.


Casual Jilbabs: With our Casual Jilbabs… pamper yourself to be a star that shines wherever you go…day or night.


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