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Wahat AlJalabiya Rainbow Mist Kaftan

Rainbow Mist Kaftan Review
MissHijabi reviews our signature model “Rainbow Mist”…
“Wahat AlJalabiya is a brand based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that specialises in giving Muslim women access to some of the most beautiful and intricately designed jalabiyas a woman can own. Their company has over 79 branches  in the Middle East, has been operating for 20 years and they’ve sold over 10 million fabulous garments, so they obviously know what they are doing.
They kindly allowed me to choose a piece from their collection to review; which of course, knowing me, just had to be the brightest, most colourful piece they had on offer. I saw this and pretty much squealed on the inside. I love bright in-your-face colours, so when I cast my eyes upon the beauty that is the Rainbow Mist Jalabiya, I pretty much experienced clothing Nirvana.
Here is how it looked on their gorgeous model:
And now it’s my turn:
The garment costs $144 and can be bought straight from Wahat Jalabiya’s website.
It consists of an undergarment slip as the kaftan itself is sheer, so you need to wear something underneath, which they have provided. The slip is sleeveless and seems to be made out of a cotton variety. It’s very light weight and extremely breezy and cooling. I wish it were complete with full sleeves just so I could wear it to very special occasions like my birthday dinner next year (I have plans for this baby already) and not have to worry about revealing my arms underneath the kaftan, but in saying that, this style of kaftan really is suited to formal home gatherings with your girlfriends because it is so fancy so the sleeveless slip works well for that which is what it would probably be used for most. It definitely isn’t something you would wear to wander down to shops to pick up milk in. I’m saving this for my birthday dinner so I will find some sleeves to attach, because I desperately want to wear this for a fancy dressed-up occasion like that.
The slip itself is opaque and long, so you could wear it by itself as a maxi dress with a light cardigan or blazer over it. I think it would make for a great casual summer outfit and to prove it I have matched it with a thin beige wrap cardigan , a candy inspired necklace with complimenting hues to really bring out the blended coral and deep pink shades of the slip and a coral coloured bag. Such a beautiful maxi for a summer’s fresh day!  To continue reading, please click here