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How to choose the perfect abaya?

Not too long ago, it was quite hard for many Muslim women to find good quality Islamic clothing products that were not only stylish and affordable, but more importantly accessible. Today, thanks to the rapid expansion of online businesses and web-based media such as Islamic fashion blogs geared towards style enthused Muslim women, many online shoppers had a plethora of avenues to explore and eventually purchase from.

Islamic style reporters, known colloquially throughout the internet as hijab bloggers, constantly update their globally placed readership about the latest Islamic fashions, trends and designers.  Many online boutiques and design houses have contributed to the ever-growing abaya market. With so much to choose from, it can be quite daunting to decide on which abaya to buy – especially if it is your first time purchasing such an item from the internet.

By following these helpful steps, you can ensure the perfect abaya purchase:

Know what suits you before you shop.

Many Muslim women purchase on impulse without really thinking about what they are buying. We all have those moments where we come across something we are instantly attracted to and buy it, only to find it doesn’t quite fit or perhaps isn’t quite as flattering on as we hoped it would be.  Sometimes this comes down to design, material, etc; although many times it can be due to the fact that we really haven’t pondered on what we are committing to when we buy Islamic clothing online.

Image From: Fashionz Update


Ask yourself these questions; will this design flatter my shape? Do the colours suit my complexion? Is there something else I could buy that is better suited to my size and shape?

Ensure you are ordering the perfect size for a perfect fit.

There is nothing worse when online shopping to buy an item, get excited and anxious as you wait for it to be delivered, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t fit properly!

Don’t make the mistake of simply picking your size from a drop down list on a Islamic fashion website, under the mistaken assumption that their listed size is compatible to your size. Most web-based boutiques have a separate page on their website where they go further into detail about the sizing options available. It is important to examine these before picking your size, as a medium on one website may be a completely different size to a medium listed on another website. Also keep in mind that sizes may fluctuate depending on where the website originates from. Did you know a size 14UKis the equivalent to a size 10US?!

Image from: Hijab Islam

When it comes to abayas in particular, a lot of sizing issues relate to length. Many abaya and jalabiya design houses will rely on a sizing guide that is determined by the actual abaya length and not by body size, especially abaya and kaftan designers fromDubaiand surrounding Khaleeji areas. When you see a size 58 in abayas, it is really telling you that this particular abaya is 58 inches long to ensure you are covered properly from head to toe.

Although a few abaya manufacturers do offer custom sizing, most don’t and instead offer a selected range of sizes. For this reason it is very important to know your own body measurements – specifically the bust and garment length when it comes to abayas. Knowing your measurements may just save you the hassle of having to return purchased goods through the post!

Check all the fine print.

Don’t purchase an abaya simply because it looks good. Most companies offer at least a little product information and it is important to read through the details listed as it may be important to know the facts before purchasing. Most reputable companies will use material that is perfectly suitable for a modest abaya, although occasionally you may come across a piece that is manufactured with fabrics that are either too transparent, stiff and figure hugging to wear as a modest abaya.

Image From: She Fashion Trend

Keep in mind some companies also sell abayas that are suited to certain climates – a UK design house, for instance, may distribute abayas that are more suited to its winter climate (and therefore be too heat inducing to wear in the warmer months) than say a Gulf based company whose designs are suited to a summer climate (and therefore can be worn in all seasons).

Only buy from reputable companies.

Although most companies are very professional in terms of product quality and customer service, there are a few that are not. You can easily determine the reputable from the unreputable with just a few clicks. A simple internet search can produce reviews detailing the reliability of services offered by abaya sellers via forums, hijab blog reviews and other such avenues. Even a quick check on the company’s Facebook page can provide useful background information.

Image From: MeemSeen Abayas

By simply visiting a company’s Facebook page and reading through recent comments, you can determine if customers are satisfied, if they regularly receive complaints, general order feedback from customers, etc. Just visit Wahat AlJalabiya’s Facebook page and you will see for yourself the huge fan base our company has acquired from satisfied customers situated all across the globe. They love our elegant abaya and kaftan designs; so we know you will too!
Vist Aljalabiya.com to see the latest styles of abaya and kaftans that satisfy the demands of today’s modern yet modest woman who wants to dress stylish without compromising her beliefs.



Journey Of A Jilbab !

The design of each of our special jilbabs embarks on a journey from imagination to reality. An adventure similar to sailing into a magical world without boundaries. Watch this video to see a behind the scenes look at how we design and produce our collection of fashion’s finest jilbabs, jalabiyas, and kaftans !

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March 27, 2012 6:03 pm

How to Design a Kaftan at Home

Design Your Own Kaftan!

A simple internet search of the word “Kaftan” brings up a myriad of differing versions of this free flowing garment. Although the traditional Arabian version is a long kaftan, extensive enough to sweep the ground, other styles can include 3/4 length or shorter kaftan tops designed for beach cover-ups in the West while the longer version is used for formal occasions in the Middle East, although simpler pieces are used on a daily basis in many homes.

The more elaborate formal kaftan designs can take hours of hand sewn attention due to intricate beading and professional threading, although it is quite easy to make a simple house kaftan with even the most basic of sewing skills!

Why not try to design your own ladies kaftan today?!

All you need to make your own beautiful kaftan design is listed for your convenience below…

How to make your own kaftan:

The tools:

  • A pair of fabric scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Iron
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine or hand sewing needles
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Coloured thread to match your fabric

The steps:

  1. Start off by choosing a fabric that is suited to kaftan designs. Kaftans tend to be made from very lightweight materials to ensure a free flowing soft fall around the body. For a better design, opt for a good quality silk, satin or cotton blend (the highest quality designs are always silk kaftans). Depending on your own personal style, you may like to choose a fabric in a bright printed design or something in a very subdued hue for an earthier look. You can even use the fabric to make a matching hijab style!


  1. Fold the length of the fabric in half, spread out flat on the floor. Ensure you have bought enough fabric to cover your body’s height twice over. The fold will be used over your shoulders when the kaftan is complete, so make sure you have evenly folded the fabric over in half and that each half is ample enough to cover your desired height from neck to feet and width from shoulder to shoulder, plus some more left over to cover the tops of your arms.

  1. Measure yourself and decide on which length is needed to perfectly fit you. The average sizing offered by most kaftan manufacturers is 50-60 inches in length, but due to your own height you made need a longer or shorter version. For length try to measure from the top of your shoulder to the bottom of your feet. Don’t forget to measure around important areas such as your bust and hips to ensure you are going to end up with a loose, flattering shape. Remember Islamic fashion is about having style, as well as modesty!

  1. Loosely measure your neck. In the fabric fold, cut out a hole that will allow you to put your head comfortably through it when it comes time to wear it. Using either a sewing machine or hand sewing, sew the newly cut edges into a neat interior hem so they do not fray.


  1. Next, leaving a gap for either arm to go comfortably through, sew the sides of the kaftan from just under your arm pit to the feet.
  1. Sew a basic hem at the feet of your fabric to ensure it does not fray.


By following these simple steps, you can now make your very own quickly sewn Arabic kaftan.  A design such is this is perfect for luxuriously lounging around at home with friends though if you prefer a professional, heavily detailed and adorned kaftan; see Wahat AlJalabiya’s latest collection of traditional and elegant kaftans. We have designs for every event, whether it is a simple house kaftan or an elaborate reception piece that you are after!

Go behind the scenes and see how we make our kaftans and jalabiyas in the video below.


Couture Fashion, A Growing Trend in Middle East

Couture Fashion in the Middle East

Women from the Middle East are now the largest buyers of haute couture fashion. Though they are rarely seen in fashion shows or even heard, their social calendars now demand more of couture fashion more than ever. Frequent charity balls and high society parties call for different dresses in every occasion.

Most royal families, expatriates and rich personalities are buyers of exclusive designer clothes.
“All the royal families of the Middle East are our customers,” Catherine Riviere, head of haute couture at Christian Dior, Most fashion executives claim that the Middle East is likely to remain the top couture client in the future if the economy continues to dwindle down in Europe and North America.
“Women from the Middle East are our top buyers and they are likely to remain so,” said Jeffry Aronsson, who became chief executive of Emanuel Ungaro months ago. He was at the helm of Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs in the past.

Most women prefer unique designs. Reem, the daughter of a major construction tycoon in the Middle East who asked to be identified only by her first name, spends much of her time traveling between Paris, London, Dubai and Beirut and is a regular buyer of couture. “What I want is unique pieces, extravagant and chic. I do not want to pay €5,000 (Dh24,560) or €6,000 for a dress, as it happened to me with a Pucci outfit recently, and see it on somebody else the same evening.”

Designer clothing chunks the biggest segment of luxury good with over €700 million value, with women’s designer dresses and skirts leading the way. It represents 42 per cent of overall luxury goods sales in the UAE (which is the biggest buyer among Gulf states), according to a Euromonitor International report published in June.
“For us, with China, the Middle East market is growing fast,” said HermËs chief executive Patrick Thomas at Paris Fashion Week. Thomas said the Middle East only started to pick up strongly two to three years ago and now generates 30 to 35 per cent in annual sales growth a year.

Couture is a symbol of social status and success. Women dress to impress at weddings and parties. ”I had the opportunity to see a wedding that was recently held here in Dubai. Four thousand women were invited to the reception and everybody in the room was wearing haute couture,” said Simon Lock, creative director of Dubai Fashion Week”.

With lots of weddings to attend, the wedding season is very expensive..
“I have known of many occasions when a couturier will be invited to a private home for a showing. The hostess will buy maybe 20, 30 couture outfits for a season,” says Lock, adding that prices start at US$3,000 and can reach $75,000. A Dior wedding dress can price up to $1 million.

Dior, Chanel and many other major luxury brands also have private shows at hotels in the Middle East or in the homes of their most regular customers.
“Royal families are our buyers,” said Dubai-based fashion designer Rabia Z. “They will call us for an appointment and we go as often as they ask us to come. They love the fact that we give them the option of changing the colour, or making it shorter or longer.”
Qatar is organizing its first fashion week with a target date of March 2012. One of the biggest supporters of the fashion event is Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, wife of the emir of Qatar.

Regarded as one of the world’s biggest buyers of couture, according to fashion experts, Sheikha Mozah is also behind the creation of the Qatar Luxury Group in 2008. Based in Doha, it hired designer Stephane Rolland to create a fashion brand from scratch scheduled to debut next spring. The secretive group, financially supported by the Qatar Foundation, made its first acquisition this year when it snapped up the Paris-listed leather goods maker Le Tanneur for €26m, and is on the lookout for more European brands.

Share with us your favorite couture brands!

Image: MeemSeen Brand of Abayas.


Women’s handbags, top choices

Top Choice Handbags

Women have been using different bags for a long time when they leave their home and have to carry belongings with them. From modified baskets placed on top of their heads to animal skin pouches tied around the waist, women have always modified something to take along.

For modern women, handbags have been very handy and convenient for most. Looking good and unique are also important for them. Handbags are perceived to define who they are. Consequently, designers saw that fashion and function must blend in together for that perfect match to every need.

There are many retail stores around the world that sell great handbags. The Internet offers a wide variety of handbags for different moods and functionality.

Some of the handbags now available are:

Nevora Functional Ladies Handbags
The Scarlet Organizer is a bag designed for the business woman. It is large enough for a laptop and other personal items. The zippered top reveals a lime green interior. It is chrome feet accent at the bottom to protect it from regular wear. This functional and stylish handbag can be found for $260.00.

The Mocha Sling
The Mocha Sling is a perfect match with other totes. It is small enough to fit into the Scarlet Organizer. It has a lime green interior. This bag sells for $68.00
Jazz Bold Ladies Handbags
The Green South Coast is a light avocado bag accented with lime green. It has orange leatherette and chrome studs. The front is decorated with embroidered flowers to add to its charm. This bag is usually offered at $55.00.

Brown City Lights is made from a cool brown ultra suede material. It is decorated with chrome studs and clear crystals. There are buckles used to shorten or lengthen the handles for the convenience of the customer. It is available for $66.00.

Loredana Kimono Ladies Handbags
Purple Floral Pouch has panels on the front and back showing a vintage silk kimono style fabric on a velvet background. The panels are painted with flowers that are rose, gray, and emerald. There is burgundy trim along the seams, and a 40 inch shoulder cord. The bag measures about 9.5 by 6.5 inches. It retails at $190.00

Blue Tones Clutch is more sophisticated, the front is a deep royal blue and black with silver flecks. While the back, has a sea foam pattern in blue, gray, brick, and orange to match a variety of different outfits. This bag is usually sold for $270.00.

Glenda Gies Ladies Handbags
Jackie in White Tweed is pieced together with a black patent leather trim. Chrome legs protect the bottom. The interior is lined with polka dots. It also has a tiny zippered pocket. This bag sells for around $260.00.

Violet in Blue Chenille is made from a floral motif with a diamond tufted outline above an antique gold milieu. The handle can be long or short. It also has plenty of compartments for organizing personal items. This bag is sold for $280.00.

These are just a sampling of the enormous diversity of choices available online.
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Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys


What’s your favorite style of handbag?


Choosing Affordable Wedding Dresses

Affordable Wedding Dresses

Recent trends in wedding fashion call for summer wedding styles. To think of a wedding dress that is affordable and summer it is best to consider what type of wedding it will be. The type could be casual or formal. As a rule, choose a dress that suits the season and the elements. Every bride-to-be have a wide range of options to choose from.

When choosing for a lightweight fabric with less accessories, choose one that will keep you cool during the hot summer day. Designs suchs as strapless, belts, tank tops, or alter could depend on the bride-to-be’s taste.

The fabric must be chosen perfectly to complement the style of dress and costume of the bride-to-be. Elegant selection of fabrics include chiffon, rayon, tulle, organza and cotton blends. Instead of using ribbons, laces and accessories that will weigh up the dress, opt for a light and airy dress.

Shopping early will give enough time to find the perfect dress with sufficient time to inspect each flow of the fabric. Watch out for sales that usually start in spring, where affordable wedding dresses are always good catches. The wedding industry is busy during the summer months and it may take a while to have a dress custom fit done for you.

The bride should have a clear vision of what she wants for the wedding: a summer dress in the morning or a cool breeze dress in the pool. Choosing the perfect dress will themed out the general setting of the wedding.

Set some ground rules ahead. Lay out your budget, location and determine the formality of the wedding. All these will lessen the stress when it comes to preparing for the perfect wedding you dream of!

If you want to have a unique look at any type of wedding, visit www.aljalabiya.com to view our wide range of jalabiyas that are fit for any special occasion!



Scarf: An Amazing Accessory!

Scarf As An Accessory

The scarf is apiece of cloth often taken for granted for its usablity. Normally people use scarf in cold weather to protect themselves from chilled air. But now they made it a fashion and use it in hot weather too.

Scarf first originated in Rome used to clean and not as protection from the cold. Its name was sudarium in Latin and was then translated to scarf in English. Only the men wear scarf around their neck or tie it to their belts. Now it is becoming a hot favorite fashion in women.

The most common type of scarves used is embroidered scarf, silk scarf, designer scarf, head scarf, neck scarf, animal paint scarf, cotton-linen scarf, kids scarf, velvet neck scarf, winter scarf, fur scarf, knit scarf, etc. These scarves are made by designers, woven, knitted or machine made or just simply handmade. Just have a look at some of the scarf styles.

Embroidered scarves have tradition looks and are handmade. Its beautiful embroidery makes it different from other scarves. Embroidered scarves were used in Roman times. It is becoming a favorite piece of knitted cloth to be worn with any dress. It gives comfort and ads style to the clothes. Wool that is used to knit these scarves is made from the fleece of sheep.

Fabric paint experts also make beautiful handmade scarves. Painting is done on cotton, wool, chiffon, satin or georgette. Hand painted scarves are worn around neck, hips, head, as a beach dress and also matched with any type of cloth.

Silk scarves were used by warriors of a renowned Chinese Emperor Cheng. It was originated during 1000 B.C. They used it to keep their body warm in winters and now it is used for the same thing and for fashion. It keeps you comfortable in winters and is an addition of style to personality.

Beaded scarves are basically made for girls. In this scarf beads are woven on a piece of cloth. Different types of beads are used like golden, silver, white, etc. This gives a beautiful look to the scarf and is best for wearing in parties. Mostly people prefer white beads.

Finally whatever scarf you like and choose one thing that comes to the point is that it shows personality of a person and ads style. It is a wonderful accessory worn by both males and females.

Click on the scarf below to visit our online store and see our large collection of scarfs!


Wahat Aljalabiya Occasion Jilbab Styles

Special Occasion Jilbab Styles

Wahat Al-Jalabiya’s line of special occasion jilbabs is guaranteed to leave a magic impression wherever you go. To enhance the beauty of every woman we blend classical and modern design with a combination of harmonious rhythms that cross between traditional culture and contemporary style. This line of jilbabs is a collection of designs for those special moments when a fashion statement is a must!

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WJ Haute Couture Luxury Jilbabs

Luxury Jilbab Styles

With Wahat Al-Jalabiya’s luxury jilbab line… Be the crown of the crowd… and let the night sparkle with your presence. This collection of jilbabs is for the woman who demands only the finest the world of fashion can offer. A stylish spectrum of luxury from the highest levels of Haute couture…get yours today!


Jilbab Fashion Styles

Fashion Styles

Fashion’s finest collection of modern Arabian style Jilbabs…brought to you by “Wahat Aljalabiya“. Our wide selection of Jilbabs (Jalabiyas) meet all tastes and ages in addition to being appropriate for all occasions. Pride comes from knowing our Jalabiyas are made from the best materials, and designed by the fine taste and experience of the top professional fashion designers in the world. Visit our website today to see the latest collection of Jalabiya designs: www.aljalabiya.com

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February 9, 2012 8:16 pm

Satin Glamour Jalabiya Review

Satin Glamour Jalabiya Review
Another great review from MissHijabi where she holds nothing back about her thoughts on this model!

“This is the third product review I have done for Saudi label; Wahat AlJalabiya. This time around they sent me a very bright pink Satin Glamour jalabiya to share with you guys.

I don’t know what it is about this kaftan but it makes me look a hell of a lot thinner than what I am in real life. Serious. No joke. I was looking over these photos that I took for the review and it looks like I have dropped a few dress sizes (I definitely haven’t)! It must have something to do with the very busy pattern and the illusion of length this piece creates with its cleverly placed side crochet runner.
That is what I love about Wahat AlJalabiya’s designs – you can be an entirely different size and height to their model and still have their designs look just as beautiful on you as it does on her. The clothing really speaks for itself. Haven’t you ever bought something from a company only to realise it looks great on their model and really unflattering on yourself? This never happens with Wahat AlJalabiya’s range from the three reviews I have done so far with them.
To continue reading the complete review on her website, please Click Here!
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February 7, 2012 5:04 pm

Review: Chiffon Jalabiya with Velvet and Embroidery

Chiffon jalabiya with velvet and embroidery Review
Another great review from MissHijabi…check it out!
“I’ve talked about Saudi based company Wahat AlJalabiya before in a product review I did for them here. They sent me another piece to review – a new design from their latest collection.
The jalabiya is made from chiffon with a lace effect on the sleeves and main body, decorated with colourful flowers and finished off with a velvet bust piece that is heavily detailed with fantastic embroidery, beading and small golden coin-like embellishments. I really love the bust design. It is so elegant and I really admire the shape of the collar. A lot of work has clearly gone into this piece.
The sleeves are transparent so obviously this design would be worn for a home gathering or segregated event for the covered Muslima, although it could easily be worn over a long sleeved black top to ensure arm coverage if you wanted to wear it to a mixed event. I love velvet – you hardly ever see it anymore!

The bottom half of the jalabiya is surrounded in garlands of beautifully hued flowers and cute pink spots that seem to float on top of the black lace effect of the chiffon background. Very girly! To continue reading the entire review, please click here

You can purchase this lovely piece from our website for $241.