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“Maia” Tulle kaftan with satin slip and gold embroidery (N-13628-6)

Maia, The goddess like stature of this kaftan is inspirational. It definitely calls for a special occasion. The burgundy Tulle fabric holds the golden embroidered sun patterns very nicely. The princess sleeves are transparent and gives the wearer an alluring quality. The satin slip beneath it is comfortable and sleek. Definitely consider this kaftan, it’s worth it! Click Here To Buy This Kaftan


“Mocha Girl” Cotton patterned kaftan with hand and machine embroidery (N-12557-19)

Mocha Girl, It’s energetic, youthful, and enticing; The Swirly Girl Kaftan is a summer wardrobe must! This casual cotton kaftan is easy to wear and stylish to boot. The delicious swirly print in mocha and chocolate tones can be worn with neutral accessories as well as shoes. The machine embroidery along the sleeves and neck has the same colors,with delicate detailing. This kaftan is oh so sweet! Buy Mocha Girls Kaftan Here


“Bronze Angel” Chiffon printed kaftan with gold and hand embroidery on chest (N-11332-2)

Bronze Angel, This white chiffon fabric kaftan with beautiful bronze printsis breathtaking and fashion savvy. The soft billowy fabric is perfect for warm weather on an elegant night. The embroidery around the neck is also bronze with matching beads and sparkling elements. This kaftan is like a bronze angel. Buy This Kaftan Now


“Tonya” Chiffon printed butterfly kaftan with silver stones (N-13625-9)

Tonya, The silver and black tones of this kaftan really make it stand out. The tie-dye design is stunning against the white chiffon fabric. The butterfly silhouette is classic and balances the design well from head to toe. The embroidery around the neck has silver notes with black beads throughout. It’s lovely and fetching. Click Here to buy this kaftan now.


“Hestia” Tulle kaftan with satin slip and hand embroidery on chest and cuffs (N-13525-6)

Hestia, This Tulle kaftan with a satin slip is remarkably beautiful. The jewel detailed embroidery around the neck and wrist of the kaftan adds to is flawless gold design. The soft sheer fabric goes great with the gold pattern. It’s grand and chic! Click Here to buy this Kaftan.


“The Emily Kaftan” Butterfly chiffon jalabiya with patterned satin and hand embroidery on chest and cuffs

The Emily Kaftan, For a dazzling night amongst the stars, this kaftan is more than appropriate. The patterned polka-dot chiffon with pattern satin fabric makes the wearer fashion forward and stunning. The embroidered neckline is beautiful in a gold and copper tone. For a wonderful memorable fashion statement, this kaftan will make it work. Click Here to buy this kaftan.


“Coralline” Cotton Kaftan

“Coralline” Cotton Kaftan

The Coralline Kaftan, Black and white with a hint of cherry red, that’s why this kaftan is oh so irresistible! The color palette is plain, with a fitted silhouette. The embroidery on the chest contains sparkling elements reminiscent of ruby emeralds! For the fashionista who doesn’t mind standing out this kaftan’s for you.
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“Krystal Gold” Satin Kaftan

Krystal Gold Satin Kaftan

Krystal Gold, The various tons of gold and shimmering highlights make this kaftan fit for a queen. The kaftan is of a satin material, and boasts a beautiful machine embroidered collar and wrist. The silhouette is a classic butterfly shape, which gives plenty of space to show off the beautiful gradient pattern. It’s the simply irresistible.
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“Iris Prism” Chiffon Butterfly Kaftan

“Iris Prism” Chiffon Butterfly Kaftan

Iris Prism, With glorious color amongst blooming patterns; the Iris Prism Kaftan is absolutely lovely. From the machine embroidered detailing around the neck, to the multi-colored sea shell pattern; it’s simply irresistible! The chiffon fabric always looks great with a butterfly silhouette. It’s a truly fantastic Kaftan!
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“Serenity” Chiffon Kaftan

Serenity Chiffon Kaftan

Serenity, Brilliantly red and elegantly designed; the Serenity kaftan is majestic and chic. The beautiful gathered fabric in the front of the kaftan is emphasized by the beaded embroidery around the collar. The butterfly silhouette of the kaftan makes it conservative and flattering. It’s a memorable kaftan for a perfect evening. Buy this Kaftan Online


How to choose the perfect abaya?

Not too long ago, it was quite hard for many Muslim women to find good quality Islamic clothing products that were not only stylish and affordable, but more importantly accessible. Today, thanks to the rapid expansion of online businesses and web-based media such as Islamic fashion blogs geared towards style enthused Muslim women, many online shoppers had a plethora of avenues to explore and eventually purchase from.

Islamic style reporters, known colloquially throughout the internet as hijab bloggers, constantly update their globally placed readership about the latest Islamic fashions, trends and designers.  Many online boutiques and design houses have contributed to the ever-growing abaya market. With so much to choose from, it can be quite daunting to decide on which abaya to buy – especially if it is your first time purchasing such an item from the internet.

By following these helpful steps, you can ensure the perfect abaya purchase:

Know what suits you before you shop.

Many Muslim women purchase on impulse without really thinking about what they are buying. We all have those moments where we come across something we are instantly attracted to and buy it, only to find it doesn’t quite fit or perhaps isn’t quite as flattering on as we hoped it would be.  Sometimes this comes down to design, material, etc; although many times it can be due to the fact that we really haven’t pondered on what we are committing to when we buy Islamic clothing online.

Image From: Fashionz Update


Ask yourself these questions; will this design flatter my shape? Do the colours suit my complexion? Is there something else I could buy that is better suited to my size and shape?

Ensure you are ordering the perfect size for a perfect fit.

There is nothing worse when online shopping to buy an item, get excited and anxious as you wait for it to be delivered, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t fit properly!

Don’t make the mistake of simply picking your size from a drop down list on a Islamic fashion website, under the mistaken assumption that their listed size is compatible to your size. Most web-based boutiques have a separate page on their website where they go further into detail about the sizing options available. It is important to examine these before picking your size, as a medium on one website may be a completely different size to a medium listed on another website. Also keep in mind that sizes may fluctuate depending on where the website originates from. Did you know a size 14UKis the equivalent to a size 10US?!

Image from: Hijab Islam

When it comes to abayas in particular, a lot of sizing issues relate to length. Many abaya and jalabiya design houses will rely on a sizing guide that is determined by the actual abaya length and not by body size, especially abaya and kaftan designers fromDubaiand surrounding Khaleeji areas. When you see a size 58 in abayas, it is really telling you that this particular abaya is 58 inches long to ensure you are covered properly from head to toe.

Although a few abaya manufacturers do offer custom sizing, most don’t and instead offer a selected range of sizes. For this reason it is very important to know your own body measurements – specifically the bust and garment length when it comes to abayas. Knowing your measurements may just save you the hassle of having to return purchased goods through the post!

Check all the fine print.

Don’t purchase an abaya simply because it looks good. Most companies offer at least a little product information and it is important to read through the details listed as it may be important to know the facts before purchasing. Most reputable companies will use material that is perfectly suitable for a modest abaya, although occasionally you may come across a piece that is manufactured with fabrics that are either too transparent, stiff and figure hugging to wear as a modest abaya.

Image From: She Fashion Trend

Keep in mind some companies also sell abayas that are suited to certain climates – a UK design house, for instance, may distribute abayas that are more suited to its winter climate (and therefore be too heat inducing to wear in the warmer months) than say a Gulf based company whose designs are suited to a summer climate (and therefore can be worn in all seasons).

Only buy from reputable companies.

Although most companies are very professional in terms of product quality and customer service, there are a few that are not. You can easily determine the reputable from the unreputable with just a few clicks. A simple internet search can produce reviews detailing the reliability of services offered by abaya sellers via forums, hijab blog reviews and other such avenues. Even a quick check on the company’s Facebook page can provide useful background information.

Image From: MeemSeen Abayas

By simply visiting a company’s Facebook page and reading through recent comments, you can determine if customers are satisfied, if they regularly receive complaints, general order feedback from customers, etc. Just visit Wahat AlJalabiya’s Facebook page and you will see for yourself the huge fan base our company has acquired from satisfied customers situated all across the globe. They love our elegant abaya and kaftan designs; so we know you will too!
Vist Aljalabiya.com to see the latest styles of abaya and kaftans that satisfy the demands of today’s modern yet modest woman who wants to dress stylish without compromising her beliefs.



Journey Of A Jilbab !

The design of each of our special jilbabs embarks on a journey from imagination to reality. An adventure similar to sailing into a magical world without boundaries. Watch this video to see a behind the scenes look at how we design and produce our collection of fashion’s finest jilbabs, jalabiyas, and kaftans !

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