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Satin Glamour Jalabiya Review

Satin Glamour Jalabiya Review
Another great review from MissHijabi where she holds nothing back about her thoughts on this model!

“This is the third product review I have done for Saudi label; Wahat AlJalabiya. This time around they sent me a very bright pink Satin Glamour jalabiya to share with you guys.

I don’t know what it is about this kaftan but it makes me look a hell of a lot thinner than what I am in real life. Serious. No joke. I was looking over these photos that I took for the review and it looks like I have dropped a few dress sizes (I definitely haven’t)! It must have something to do with the very busy pattern and the illusion of length this piece creates with its cleverly placed side crochet runner.
That is what I love about Wahat AlJalabiya’s designs – you can be an entirely different size and height to their model and still have their designs look just as beautiful on you as it does on her. The clothing really speaks for itself. Haven’t you ever bought something from a company only to realise it looks great on their model and really unflattering on yourself? This never happens with Wahat AlJalabiya’s range from the three reviews I have done so far with them.
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Published on:
February 7, 2012 5:04 pm