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Trends for Middle Eastern Wedding Outfits

Middle Eastern Wedding Trends

Most Western weddings have some sort of rule when it comes to the dress code. If it is a beach affair then the couple may ask for you to wear something relaxed and not so formal, other brides may demand no one wear white so as to keep the attention on her, some weddings are completely black tie affairs while others will even request their guests dress according to a certain theme or colour scheme.

Middle Eastern weddings on the other hand seem to be all about glamour and glitz. Men are usually expected to wear either something very traditional according to their cultural background, while women usually have free reign over what garment they celebrate another’s union in.

Most Muslim women attend weddings and engagement parties in glamorous gowns that reflect the modest and respectful nature of Middle Eastern traditions. Keeping the dress long, many women shop for the perfect piece with the following features in mind; they want something elegant and feminine with a twist of magnificence.

For Muslim weddings; women tend to choose garments that are full length and cover the body for modesty’s sake, but are still formal enough for an Islamic wedding event. Even when attending segregated wedding celebrations, many Muslim women still prefer a beautiful long evening dress over something short and tightly fitted.

Traditionally a jalabiya (the Arabic kaftan) is chosen for both mixed and segregated weddings for those women who want a traditional touch of glamour. For many Middle Eastern women, a special event such as a wedding is one of the very few times in the year where it is socially acceptable to be swathed in jewel encrusted dresses or other such heavily adorned garb that they may not be able to wear on a daily basis.

Muslim women in general (Arab and non-Arab alike) will invest a whole day dedicated to perfecting their hairstyle and makeup for such a special day, so it is no wonder that they tend to choose colourful yet stylish jalabiyas specifically for these events – of course beautifully paired with a great set of heels, bag and accessories!

When it is your time to get dolled up, why not choose a piece from our luxurious collection? No matter what the event – be it a wedding, engagement party or other formal affair, Wahat AlJalabiya has the perfect piece for you!

Our vast collection consists of superb garments made from the finest fabrics, beautifully adorned with the best quality workmanship. From a simple cut one-hued gown with a beaded collar focus to multi-coloured dress, bejeweled with encrusted chest pieces and the most feminine draping sleeves on the market, you are sure to be your most glamorous self in these magnificent formal jalabiyas.

Here are three designs from our label that we recommend for the perfect Middle Eastern wedding jilbab:

For a demure look, we suggest the Butterfly Chiffon Jalabiya ($183). This hand embroidered piece in a deep muted purple adds the perfect amount of class to any affair without being over the top or attention-seeking. We suggest teaming it with a golden hued hijab to really shine at your next Islamic wedding.

Why not put a spin on traditional wear and choose something that invokes the richness and elaborateness of the Indian Mughal Empire? With a thick waisted focal point ornamented in golden hued features, this rich burgundy and gold chiffon jalabiya ($166) will instantly transform any event into an aristocratic rendezvous.

As Middle Eastern soirees usually involve a lot of colour, we simply could not exclude our golden weaved cuffed dress from our list. The ultimate Islamic wedding dress features multi-coloured panels hemmed in a thick band of golden glitter that glistens under any light. The exquisite dark gold flecked detailing on the cuffs and chest shimmers brightly around the generously strewn deep pink jewels that set this jalabiya apart from the rest. For a mere $186, this is one piece not to pass on!

Although excellent choices for Middle Eastern based weddings, these designs are just as lovely worn on any formal occasion. Why not view the rest of our range to find your perfect formal outfit today!


Choosing Affordable Wedding Dresses

Affordable Wedding Dresses

Recent trends in wedding fashion call for summer wedding styles. To think of a wedding dress that is affordable and summer it is best to consider what type of wedding it will be. The type could be casual or formal. As a rule, choose a dress that suits the season and the elements. Every bride-to-be have a wide range of options to choose from.

When choosing for a lightweight fabric with less accessories, choose one that will keep you cool during the hot summer day. Designs suchs as strapless, belts, tank tops, or alter could depend on the bride-to-be’s taste.

The fabric must be chosen perfectly to complement the style of dress and costume of the bride-to-be. Elegant selection of fabrics include chiffon, rayon, tulle, organza and cotton blends. Instead of using ribbons, laces and accessories that will weigh up the dress, opt for a light and airy dress.

Shopping early will give enough time to find the perfect dress with sufficient time to inspect each flow of the fabric. Watch out for sales that usually start in spring, where affordable wedding dresses are always good catches. The wedding industry is busy during the summer months and it may take a while to have a dress custom fit done for you.

The bride should have a clear vision of what she wants for the wedding: a summer dress in the morning or a cool breeze dress in the pool. Choosing the perfect dress will themed out the general setting of the wedding.

Set some ground rules ahead. Lay out your budget, location and determine the formality of the wedding. All these will lessen the stress when it comes to preparing for the perfect wedding you dream of!

If you want to have a unique look at any type of wedding, visit www.aljalabiya.com to view our wide range of jalabiyas that are fit for any special occasion!



How to choose a dress for the Mother-of-the-Bride

Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

The day your daughter will be married is the day you have been waiting for. This exciting news will make you confused of what to wear especially when you have to choose the perfect dress for your daughter as well!

Preparing for this big day entails emotional, physical and of course, monetary support. In choosing the dress for the wedding, women must learn which dress color, size, design and shape suits them the best. Mothers should wear something that would complement their body instead of wearing fashionable dresses.

Plus size women is fitted to wear an A-line dress or an elegant blouse coupled with a skirt. Slim figured mothers look good on long silk or satin gowns that trail along their body curve. Whatever style it may be, the dress should be comfy enough so that it doesn’t ruin the mood of the wedding that usually lasts for hours.

Older women should wear light color dresses like pastel shades of pink, purple, or blue. While the color does not stray away from the color of the bride, it will also look good on the pictures. Light colors complement well with the wedding dress of the bride. Above all, it should also match the theme of the wedding.

While many mothers avoid the hassles of buying and choosing dresses in department stores, most dresses can be found online.

At www.aljalabiya.com we have a large selection of occasion jalabiyas perfect for weddings and other special occasions like this.

Visit us today to find the perfect jalabiya to wear on this unforgettable day!

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